Magic Shoppe is a popular online slot game.

Review of the Magic Shoppe Online Slot Game

The Magic Shoppe is optimized to run without any hiccups on any mobile device or PC, so it can provide you with a satisfying dose of slot-playing fun regardless of where you happen to be. If you play it for real money via a casino that is licensed by BetSoft, you have the chance to win a piece of the 513,000 coins that are up for grabs. If you are a fan of Betsoft, you are aware that practically every slot machine that the developer’s studio creates has some intriguing cinematic bonuses that players may take advantage of. The Magic Shoppe does not fall short of expectations and has not one but two kinds of free spins games, a feature that allows players to double their bets, and a mystical bonus that can turn other symbols into wilds.

Controls and Configuration for the Slots at the Magic Shoppe

It is not necessary to have any prior experience with playing slots online in order to enjoy the Magic Shoppe slot machine, which was developed by BetSoft and is available online. You begin each new session by altering the bet controls on the left side of the screen. These options allow you to choose the coin denomination, as well as the quantity of coins to play across each payline. You have the ability to place bets ranging from as little as 0.25 credits to as much as 125 credits by adjusting these parameters, as well as a vast variety of bets in between those two extremes. After you have decided how much you want to wager, you can start the game by clicking either the manual or AutoPlay spin buttons.

When you first begin playing, the screen will be pre-loaded with 25 pre-determined paylines that you may use to help you make money. You can see these paylines at any moment by hitting the numbers that surround the reels. Payouts may be won using 11 different symbols on these win lines, and each symbol has its own coin award that grows in value depending on the number of coins wagered each line. If you wager one coin on each of the game’s twenty-five paylines while playing for real money, you’ll have the opportunity to win anything from five to two thousand and four hundred coins with each winning sequence. If you play with five coins, however, you will get rewards that are five times as large. These awards may reach a maximum of 12,000 coins if you win a combination of five identical symbols. This slot also provides you with an interesting opportunity to increase even rewards that as high as that owing to the built-in double-up function; however, this opportunity is only available during the base game.

You may also play Magic Shoppe on your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, for some entertaining and perhaps lucrative gaming on the go. This slot machine is an HTML5 casino game, so it can be played without any hiccups on any mobile device running iOS or Android. You may get started right away by using the touch-sensitive spin control, or you can open the menu in the top-left corner to make adjustments to your stake and activate the AutoPlay option.

The gameplay and other features of Magic Shoppe

As soon as the magic show begins to unfold and the symbols begin spinning on your screen, you will be required to wait until a sequence of at least three similar symbols appears on a payline, running from left to right, in order to win a reward. The handcuffs and the crystal skulls are the most lucrative basic symbols in the game, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them while you play. Each of these symbols may conceal a reward worth up to 4,000 and 5,000 coins, respectively.

However, regardless of whether symbol wins you a payout, you will have the opportunity to increase your winnings by playing the slot machine’s double-up game. By hitting the “Double Up” button that is located next to your spin control after a payment, you will be able to start playing this game. This additional feature, which is similar to those found in other BetSoft slot machines, gives you the opportunity to stake either fifty percent or all of your winnings on the outcome of a coin flip. If your prediction is accurate, you can win twice as much as you originally wagered, but if you get it wrong, you will lose everything.

In addition, there are three unique symbols available on the slot machine: one wild symbol, and two separate scatter symbols. Not only may the wild symbol replace every other icon in the game (with the exception of the scatter symbols and the magic wands), but it can also result in payments of up to 12,000 coins. When you acquire three or more of the same symbol throughout a round, in any position, you will activate one of two separate free spins games. The two scatters, on the other hand, may trigger both of these free spins games. The maximum number of free spins you may earn is 12, and you can also win more free spins by playing during the bonus round. In addition, the scatter symbols have the potential to turn into wild symbols if they appear on the screen at the same time as three magic wands, which also have the potential to turn into wild symbols that substitute for other symbols and pay out.

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