Progressive iGaming Blackjack

Martin Reiner resigned his executive position at VueTec Ltd. in 2008 to establish his own business. Visionary iGaming (ViG), one of the first enterprises in the live dealer casino sector, is the consequence.

Visionary has become an industry-leading B2B (business-to-business) provider of live gaming solutions. They currently provide products to land-based and online casino operators in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Visionary appears to be extremely focused on their B2B operation, while only providing a limited number of titles.

This does not inspire immediate confidence in their live baccarat. But is there more to ViG blackjack than meets the eye?

Find out as we examine the main aspects of their blackjack games and discuss each one individually. We will also discuss the company’s history, its services, and the other games it offers.

Aspects General of Innovative iGaming Blackjack

Two Games

Given that Visionary iGaming has been in operation since 2008, it is surprising that they only offer two blackjack variations. In fact, some of the elder providers offer three to five variants.

The activities offered by Visionary include live blackjack and Blackjack Early Payout.

Unique in that it offers an early payout that is either higher or lower than the current wager. If you elect to accept the pay out, you receive an automatic pay off and give up your hand.

Atmospheric conditions

The activities of ViG are operated out of a Costa Rican laboratory designed specifically for live gaming.

The studio’s authentic casino carpeting and gambling tables create the illusion that the action is taking place in a physical casino. This impression is reinforced by the background din, which is reminiscent of a busy casino.

The blue table complements the black, grey, and white carpet to produce an original appearance.

We would not say that the casino’s ambiance is comparable to that of exceptional providers such as Evolution Gaming and Microgaming. However, it is superior to the vast majority of live dealer gaming operations.

Vendors and Languages

ViG’s merchants are vivacious and entertaining. The ones we played with were convivial at the table and had a positive attitude.

In addition, there are both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking vendors available. Given that all of the merchants appear to be natives of Costa Rica, their Spanish is fluent while their English has an accent.

Stream Quality and Display

The most disappointing aspect of ViG blackjack is the pixelated stream quality, which gives the games a dated appearance.

While the dealers and environment keep things entertaining, the video quality prevents ViG from being a premier provider. In addition, it feels like you’re in a tiny, unremarkable Costa Rican casino.

Screen dimension is one aspect that Visionary Gaming has enhanced.

Previously, they had only a tiny live dealer screen surrounded by virtual cards, coins, and a table. If you select the Blackjack HD version, however, you will have a larger screen and a better view of the dealer.

Keep in mind that ViG still offers a large number of tables with a small screen surrounding a virtual table and options.

Given that live dealer gaming was a relatively novel concept at the beginning of the 2010s, this aesthetic was prevalent in live casinos. In contrast, the majority of casinos today prioritize an authentic experience over extensive wagering options and virtual cards.

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